Student Online Achievement Resources for Military Students

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The Military Impacted Schools Association (MISA), along with leaders in education and formative assessment, have come together to ease the transition of military families and to provide resources to assist with the unique challenges for military children and their classmates as we prepare them for a global future.

Military children and their classmates now have access to SOAR (Student Online Achievement Resources).  This on-line program provides students, parents and teachers the standards in all 50 states and DoD schools overseas.  SOAR’s focus is on math, reading, and language arts for students in grades 3-12.  It helps parents manage their children’s education with cutting edge technology.

Students can take a test on any of the state learning standards, receive immediate feedback, and be directed to a tutorial that will improve their skills, where needed.  Parents can monitor the progress of their child from anywhere in the world.  In addition, parents are provided with resource materials that will assist their child in areas where they may need help.

SOAR is not a placement program.  It is a program that can assist students, parents and teachers:
– Identify strengths and areas where students may need improvement
– Tailor instruction to address the specific needs of a student
– Provide remediation and enrichment resources
– Provide families that are moving with a look at the state standards in their next school

To begin the process go to

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