Free Online Tutoring and Homework Help for Students in U.S. Military Families


The for U.S. Military Families program gives students in eligible military families access to free online tutoring and free homework help from live, expert tutors in more than 16 subjects.

Students in military families who are moving frequently or dealing with a deployed parent can rely on our tutors for expert help staying on top of tonight’s homework or catching up on missed concepts and lessons—at no cost.

How do I know if I’m eligible for free online tutoring and homework help?

Students in U.S. military families are eligible for free homework help and tutoring through the for U.S. Military Families program. Check out the complete eligibility list to find out if you and your family qualify for free access.

I’m eligible. When can I use the program?

Anytime you need it. Our tutors are online 24/7, and you never need an appointment.

Where do I access the free program?

Everything is online, so you can access the program from any internet-enabled computer worldwide.

Free tutors? Are they qualified to help me?

Absolutely. All our tutors are real people who are expert in the subjects they tutor. They tutor every skill level from elementary to advanced, and they can also help eligible military adult students with introductory college courses, adult learning, and career transitions.

How exactly does the tutor help me?

You and the tutor will work together in a secure online classroom, where you can chat, draw on a shared whiteboard, upload files, and browse the web together.

What subjects and grade levels can I get help with?

K-12 students can get help in more than 16 academic subjects, including algebra, chemistry, calculus, and physics.

Eligible military adult learners can get back-to-school, college and career transition help, including GED prep and resume writing.

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