Ellsworth EFMP-Family Support Website and Facebook Changes

On December 1, 2013, the Ellsworth EFMP-Family Support webpage – www.ellsworthefmp.org – will no longer be active. All the information on the site has been transferred to this page.

The Ellsworth EFMP-Family Support Facebook page – www.facebook.com/ellsworthefmp – will also no longer be active on December 1st. At that time, all EFMP information will be disseminated through the Ellsworth SLO Facebook page – www.facebook.com/ellsworthafb.slo. Be sure to “like” that page to receive the latest EFMP news and resource information.

We appreciate your patience during this transition. If you have any EFMP Family Support questions or issues, please contact the SLO at 605-385-1381 or slo@ellsworthafrc.org. Thank you!