New Rapid City Area School Superintendent:

The Rapid City Area Schools Board of Education in pleased to announce the conclusion of the Superintendent search with the hiring of Dr. Lori Simon. On Monday, March 14, 2016, Dr. Simon will be present at the Board of Education meeting where Board members will make their offer official.

The Board would like to thank the members of the staff and public who attended the interviews and those who served on the hiring committees. The committee input was instrumental in choosing the right candidate to lead the Rapid City Area Schools. Beyond considering committee input, the Board spent many long and thoughtful hours reading applications and matching qualifications for the position. Board members spent a minimum of four hours interviewing each candidate.

Dr. Simon currently serves as the Director of Academics and Elementary Schools for the Robbinsdale Area Schools in New Hope, Minnesota, a district with nearly 13,000 students. She got her start as a Kindergarten teacher. She also served as a school administrator in the St. Paul Public Schools. Dr. Simon says she is, “committed to making decision in the interest of what’s best for students and raising academic achievement for all learners”. The Board believes that Dr. Simon will be an innovative and collaborative leader for the Rapid City Area Schools.

The Rapid City Area Schools Board of Education would also like to thank Dr. Tim Mitchell for his 6 years of dedicated service to the school district. Dr. Mitchell’s last day is June 30. Dr. Simon will officially start leading the district on July 1.

Press Release from Katy Urban, Public Information Manager, Rapid City Area Schools


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