The School Liaison Office (SLO) is the central point of contact for school related matters between commanders, military families and local school systems. We’re here to smooth the transition, whether it’s helping handle registrations, getting the most current information about schools, advising parents about which documents are required and other issues surrounding student placement or adjustment in a new school.

Contact the Ellsworth AFB School Liaison by phone at: (605) 385-5385

or by email at: 28FSS.FSF.SLO@US.AF.MIL

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What schools do children/youth living on the installation attend? Douglas School District is the district closest to Ellsworth AFB.
  • What schools do children/youth living off base attend? If living in Box Elder, the school district will be Douglas. There is also Rapid City, New Underwood, and Meade districts.
  • When does school start? School begins in the last 2 weeks of August depending on the school district.
  • How old must a child be to start school? Your child must be 5 years old by September 1st to begin Kindergarten.
  • What do the school’s standardized test schools look like? The South Dakota state assessment report can be found at https://doe.sd.gov/Assessment/TestReview.aspx
  • Which schools do most of the installation children attend? Most children attend Douglas schools.
  • How far is the walk or bus ride to and from school? Douglas only buses if you live further than 2.5 miles from the schools. Ellsworth AFB and Antelope Ridge have their own bus systems.
  • What are the boundaries for the various off-base schools? The boundaries are set by the counties and can be found by contacting the Douglas district office at 605-923-0000 or Rapid City School District at 605-394-4031 if you have a concern.
  • What is the school registration procedure? Registration generally occurs on one day set by the district for walk-in registration. Douglas School District and Rapid City Area Schools Elementary and Middle schools have moved to an online registration that is accessible from the district website. If you have arrived anytime after the start of the school year, you can simply register at the schools. Please check with the district website for any forms needed to register.
  • What kind of before & after-school and holiday care programs are available? The Ellsworth AFB Youth Center and Douglas offers before and after school care, as well, through their Carrousel school. Please contact Ms. Joan Dunmire for questions regarding the Douglas care at 605-923-0090 and for Ellsworth AFB Youth Center care call, 605-385-2277. For more listings, please click on Before & After Care.
  • What are the state procedures for home schooling? Ms. Joan Dunmire at Carrousel Schools at Douglas is in charge of mandating the homeschooling if you live in the Douglas district. Please contact her at 605-923-0090 for any questions regarding this.

Please contact me if you have any further questions.