Bus information released!


Please find attached the Ellsworth AFB Bus package for the 2017-2018 school year.  It contains:

  • Behavior Policy
  • Morning/Afternoon Schedules
  • Route Maps
  • FAQs

If there are any questions regarding the program, please contact the contract officer at: 28lrs.schoolbus.contract@us.af.mil or by calling 385-4852 or 385-2910.

EAFB Bus Contract-Routes package

Base Bus Update – 12 Nov 2014

The base bus contractor has made some minor adjustments to some of the stop times of the base bus schedule.  They also updated the schedule and maps to reflect the Badger Clark/Francis Case blue bus changes they made last week.

Here is the updated schedule Р2014 Ellsworth AFB School Bus Schedule 12 Nov 2014

Here are the updated maps Р2014 Ellsworth AFB School Bus Maps 12 Nov 2014

Please review the updated schedule as these changes will go into effect on Thursday, November 13, 2014.  As always, please have your children at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before their scheduled pick-up time.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and flexibility with these changes!¬† If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school bus Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs)¬†at¬†28LRS.SchoolBus.Contract@us.af.mil¬†or¬†605-385-2910.¬† Thank you!

The Return of Ellsworth AFB School Busing


On Monday, November 3, Ellsworth AFB will resume on-base school bus service¬†to¬†the Douglas School District.¬†¬†The¬†pick up/drop off¬†schedules¬†along with the bus stop locations are available here –¬†2014 Ellsworth AFB School Bus Schedule.

Separate buses will transport students to Badger Clark and Francis Case (these students will ride together), Vandenberg, Douglas Middle School, and Douglas High School.  The bus routes have been color coded as follows:

  • Badger Clark/Francis Case (Blue)
  • Vandenberg (Orange)
  • Douglas Middle School (Yellow)
  • Douglas High School (Red)

The buses will have their designated color code in their windows along with the name of the housing area they are serving (Prairie View or Rushmore Heights).  All of the buses will use the same bus stops.

Detailed maps of the stops and routes are available here – 2014 Ellsworth AFB¬†School Bus¬†Maps.¬† Scroll through the available maps¬†to find your family’s¬†housing area and your child’s¬†school/color code.

Parents are asked to have their children at the stops at least 5 minutes early.  Please keep in mind that traffic and weather conditions may affect pick up and drop off times.

Students are expected to exhibit appropriate behavior will riding the bus.  The policy covering school bus behavior is available here РSchool Bus Personal Conduct Policy.

Please review the School Bus Frequently Asked Questions for more information РSchool Bus FAQs.

Additional school bus questions or concerns can be directed to the school bus Contracting Officer Representatives (CORs) by emailing 28LRS.SchoolBus.Contract@us.af.mil or calling 385-4852 or 385-2910.