Home School

Home schooling is an option for a growing number of parents. Some parents prepare their own materials and design their own programs of study, while others use materials produced by companies specializing in home school curriculum. Some take advantage of virtual school programs, and others use educational resources available on the Internet. Of course, exercising this option may require major changes in how your family lives. Teaching your children at home is an ambitious undertaking, requiring time, planning, creativity and commitment.

South Dakota Codified Law 13-27-3 outlines the requirements for home schooling in South Dakota.

If you wish to home school your child, you are required to complete an Application for Public School Exemption Certificate. Once you’ve completed the form, promptly return it to your local school district. In applying the 2011 changes to SDCL 13-27-2, as soon as a family files their application, it immediately becomes effective. No approval action is required by the school board.

Home Schooling Resources
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