Choosing a School

Parents have a growing array of options for choosing a school for their children, and they can exercise their choice in many ways. The most common way may be in choosing where to live based on the public school district or the schools in the neighborhood. As you are looking at places to rent or homes to buy, please remember – The only way to know what district your children will be assigned to is to call the district’s Administrative Office. Some rental and real estate listings will show what school district the property is located in but there have been instances where this information hasn’t been accurate.

In addition to your local district/school, parents also have the option to apply for open enrollment to another school district (although acceptance is not guaranteed), transfer to another school within the district (this option is available with the Rapid City Area Schools), attend a private school or home school.

The following web site has a lot of great information on choosing the right school for your children:

If you are considering sending your children to public school, the South Dakota Department of Education issues a yearly State Report Card for all public school districts and individual schools. This information shows student achievement on state assessments. You can access the Report Card at This site does not show private school student achievement.

If your child is on an Individual Education Program (IEP), you can view the Educational Directory for Children with Special Needs to see what programs and services are available at the public school districts around Ellsworth (or any base nationwide).