Article IV – Enrollment

Educational Records
What’s included:• Parents can receive a copy of unofficial records (definition of “complete set” to be determined by the Interstate Commission)

• Receiving school must accept the unofficial records to enroll and place the student pending reception of official records

• Sending school must send official records within 10 days of receiving a request from the receiving school (Interstate Commission may adjust)

What’s not covered:• Giving parents the right to request a copy of every paper in the student file

• Receiving unofficial records free of charge


What’s included:

• Child is given 30 days from enrollment to obtain required immunizations

• A series of immunizations must be started within 30 days of enrollment

What’s not included:• TB testing: since it is a test rather than an immunization, the test may be required before enrollment

Kindergarten and First Grade Entrance Age
What’s included:• A student can continue in the same grade in the receiving state regardless of entrance age requirements, if he or she has already started kindergarten or 1st grade in an accredited school in the sending state

• A student may go to the next grade regardless of age requirements, if he or she has completed kindergarten or 1st grade in the sending state

What’s not included:• A student who has not been enrolled even though eligible to have been enrolled

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