Article VI – Eligibility

Eligibility for Enrollment
What’s included:• LEA cannot charge tuition to military children placed in care of a non-custodial parent or person serving in “loco parentis”

• A student can continue to attend his or her current school even if living with a non-custodial parent or person serving “in loco parentis”

• The power of attorney for guardianship is sufficient for enrollment and all other actions requiring parental participation or consent
Note: This section is intended to apply during deployment of any duration to include deployment for training

What’s not covered:• Situations other than during deployment, (for example, when parent has a permanent change of station and left the child behind)

Eligibility for Extracurricular Participation
What’s included:• Providing opportunity for inclusion in extracurricular activities regardless of deadlines as long as the child is otherwise qualified What’s not included:• State student athletic associations, some of which are not affiliated with state or LEAs

• Although the receiving school must demonstrate reasonable accommodation, there is no requirement to hold open or create additional spaces

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