Parent’s Checklist for New Students



• Student’s certified birth certificate*
• Student’s Social Security number
• Student’s immunization records* – SD immunization requirements can be found at the SD Department of Health website 
• Legal documents as needed* (guardianship or custody papers)
• Legal proof of residency* – letter from the Housing Office, rental/lease agreement or mortgage/home ownership papers
• Parent/guardian photo ID* – must match the name(s) on the proof of residency documentation

Previous School’s Information

• Address, phone numbers, and other contact information
• Course descriptions/grading scale
• School handbook
• School web page

School Records

• Copy of cumulative folder/transcripts (The official copy must be mailed between schools)
• Current schedule
• Report card
• Withdrawal grade or progress report
• Test scores (standardized or special program testing, etc)

Special Program Records as Appropriate

• Individual Education Plan (IEP), Individual Accommodation Plan (504), or Gifted Program description
• English as a Second Language (ESL) or Bilingual Education
• At-risk or other action plans for classroom modifications

Other Documents and Examples

• Writing samples and other work examples
• Activities records
• Community service or service learning hours
• Other work or performance examples
• Academic recognitions and competition participation
• Counselor recommendations for placement

* These items are required to register your children in school. The new school will request your children’s official records from their previous school. The other items on this checklist may not be required but are useful to your children’s new teachers and counselors so they can be better prepared when your children start school.

It is highly recommended you hand carry these documents so your children can be registered immediately! Packing them with your household goods could result in them being delayed or possibly lost.

South Dakota Kindergarten Eligibility Requirements

5 years old on or before September 1st

South Dakota 1st Grade Eligibility Requirements

6 years old on or before September 1st

To see the eligibility and vaccination requirements for
Kindergarten and First Grade entry in other states, go to
(Updates as of July 2014)